Interior design

In my free time, mainly in the interior of my studio I enjoy working on my own design. I love to play with light, thus I create my own lighting designs. Most of the time I use „Komatex®“ as a material, various types of painting techniques and colours in all kinds of shades.

Book illustration

In 2006, I had the chance to illustrate a book of a Czechoslovak prisoner Mr. Anton Halka who was sentenced, for the attempt of emigration, by the communist regime for 17,5 years until the upheaval in 1989 in the most secure levels of custody then Czechoslovakia. This cooperation was one of the most interesting experience for me. Unfortunately, Mr. Anton Halka did not live up the publication of this book, he died in 2010. More about this book (in Slovak language): Anton Halko - Cesta za slobodou

Acrylic spray & airbrush works

In 2015 I worked on a project for one of my friend, a picture for his office on the topic of „do not paint the devil on the wall“ (Slovak proverb). In order to create this piece, I used a combination of painting techniques with acryl sprays and airbrush on the „Komatex®“ material. For this project I have also created a design for hand-stamp with identical pattern. These techniques of using acryl sprays and airbrush are my favourite as I use them in most of my creations.