erordesign created the complete visual identity for the company PROVITAL DUDINCE. The company is located in Dudince (Slovakia) and is providing spa and physiotherapeutic treatments.

Provital Dudince - design manual in PDF

Veronika HOSCHEKOVÁ - PR Manager Provital Dudince

"Co-working with Robert was a clear and straight job. Robert is very straight forward, focused and punctual designer. Anytime we asked for something he did in the time line we required. He grasped the theme of Provital very playfully and added some industrial features that are so typical for his design. If you require quality and reliability you are at the right spot hiring him."


erordesign created the complete visual identity and the web page design for the company V.I.S. Export-Import, which is located in Zvolen (Slovakia). The company is an international wholesaler of wide range of semi-finished and finished wood products with customers and producers all over Europe.

VIS spol. s r.o. - design manual in PDF

František ŠIMÁK - Managing director & CEO VIS spol. s r. o.

"I am very pleased that in the event of creating our company manual and novel web design we have decided for the erordesign firm. Robert is overly creative and very communicative person, with modern and forward-thinking ideas and solutions. In our case, he has greatly and thoroughly rendered all needs and vision of our company, whichfocuses on export to the demanding EU markets. We are looking forward for new projects and further cooperation with erordesign."